Fall in Sports What is Chess? History Rules How to Play Chess and more

What is Chess? History Rules How to Play Chess and more

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games of all time which is played between two players as one with white pieces and another one with black. Here’s…What is Chess? History Rules How to Play Chess and more

What is Chess? History Rules How to Play

Chess was born out of an old game called “Chaturanga” in the 600s AD. It spread from Asia, Europe, and beyond it which cause it to evolve and took the form as we know it now.

It continued to gain more popularity over the world and in the mid-19th century, the standardization of chess occurred.

Aaron Nimzowitsch (7 Nov 1886 – 16 March 1935) is known as the “Father of modern chess”.

What is Chess? History Rules How to Play
What is Chess? History Rules How to Play – Wikipedia

Why Chess is called Chess?

Chess got its name from a mispronunciation by British merchants, it was originally called shah (king in Persian), Shah mat => king is dead which became => checkmate.

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Chess Pieces of Game – What is Chess? History Rules How to Play

King (also called Raja): is the most important piece but also the weakest one because it can only move one square in any direction. And if Kings dies GAME OVER!!!

When the king is attacked then it is called “Check!”.

Queen (also called Wazir): This is the most powerful piece because it can move in any direction (up, down, sideways, diagonal).

Rook (also called Hathi): It can move up, down, and sideways but not diagonally and they are always kept at the two ends on the board at the beginning.

Knight (also called Ghoda): it moves in an “L” shape, and goes 2 squares in one direction and one more square at a 90-degree angle.

Bishop (also called Oont): it can go any squares but only diagonally and one bishop can only go through white squares and another bishop from only black squares.

Pawn (also called Pyada): They can move only upward one square and two only when the first time that pawn is moving up. It can capture only diagonally and cannot move past any piece in the front.

It is said to be the weakest piece but when it reaches the opponent’s end line then we can exchange it with any of the other pieces it is called Promotion (Promoting a Pawn).

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What is Chess? History Rules How to Play

What is Chess? History Rules How to Play
What is Chess? History Rules How to Play – wired

Both players will get one color to play with and the player with white pieces plays first. The main objective of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s King by any means possible.

With white starting the game each player will get a chance alternately to move one piece at a time.

Players need to capture the opponent’s pieces to weaken his side and eventually capture the King to win the game.

Rules of Chess

1. Toss to select the color of the piece which the player must use, as the player with white pieces plays first.

2. Each player will get the turn alternately and can move one piece at each turn.

3. players can take the opponent’s pieces if comes in their piece’s path but players can’t move through their own pieces.

4. You can promote a Pawn with any piece when it reaches the last line of the opponent’s end.

5. When King is got checked then you must move your king or must protect it with any other pieces.

6. Castling – is the only move that allows 2 pieces movement in the same turn. In this King moves 2 squares towards Rook and Rook jumps to the other side.

7. “Check” when you threaten the opponent’s King, with your pieces and try to capture it.

8. “Checkmate” means there is no way to save the opponent’s king and the only way to win the game (can also win if the time runs out in the championship games).

9. If King dies then GAME OVER!!!

Pieces Values – (Highest) Queen => Rook => Bishop, Knight => Pawn (Lowest)

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Different Types / Formats of Chess

Different Types / Formats of Chess
Different Types / Formats of Chess – NPR

International Chess has three formats:

1. Classic – It has no time control but has a time limit of 10 hours (which is too much time). Still, the longest World Chess Championship game in history is of 7 hours 45 minutes, the game ended in a resounding win for Magnus Carlsen after 136 moves.

2. Rapid – Here each player gets 15 minutes + an additional 10 sec to make the move.

Sir Viswanathan Anand (nickname: Vishy) is the current champion since they won it in 2017.

3. Blitz – It is called the fastest format of chess where each player gets 3 minutes + an additional 2 sec for making a move.

Other Chess Formats:

Bullet – a 40-move game with each player getting 3 minutes per player.

Armageddon – where black has less time and white has more time. If black draws then also black wins and if white wins then white wins.

Lightning – 1-minute games with 10 sec per move. Super-Fast Chess!!!

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Different Titles in Chess

Different Titles in Chess - Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen
Different Titles in Chess – Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen

Grand Master/Women Grand Master (GM/WGM) – The highest title awarded in Chess aside from the World Champion. For this, a player must reach the rating of 2500 and earn 3 grandmaster norms in international competition.

International Master/Women International Master (IM/WIM) – To earn this title a player must reach a 2400 rating in classic and achieve 3 international master norms in international competition.

Candidate Master (CM) – this title is earned by any player who achieves a classical rating of 2200 in international competition. No norms are required.

Top 5 World Chess Players

RankPlayer NameCountryRating
1(GM) Magnus CarlsenNorway2864
2(GM) Alireza FirouzjaFrance2804
3(GM) Ding LirenChina2799
4(GM) Levon AronianAmerica (USA)2785
5(GM) Fabiano CaruanaAmerica (USA)2781

Top 5 Indian Chess Players

RankPlayer NameStateRating
1(GM) Viswanathan AnandTamil Nadu2751
2(GM) Vidit GujrathiMaharashtra2727
3(GM) Pentala HarikrishnaAndhra Pradesh2719
4(GM) Sunilduth NarayananKerala2658
5(GM) Nihal SarinKerala2656

My Thoughts

For me, chess was never boring even if I lose, I never mind because it was exciting. Every match even if played against the same opponent still gives different scenarios and different possibilities which was the key element for me to play it.

Still, now also at late night, I play chess online with random players and I am trying to improve a little bit from my previous plays.

So, I guess that’s all for today. If you enjoy reading it then comment down below and leave your suggestions and any other topics that I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it. I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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