Fall in Sports What is the World Chase Tag Tournament, Rules, and more

What is the World Chase Tag Tournament, Rules, and more

I’m really telling you that I never thought that something like this even existed. So, World chase Tag is an international championship for mainly parkour lovers.

Can you believe that our childhood chase game has reached the World class level, I was shocked completely!!!

The main Tagline of this game is “Keep Chasing and Don’t Get Caught”.

Basically, the game is to avoid getting caught while other team’s player is chasing and to chase the opponent team’s member before the times up that is 20 seconds.

History of World Chase Tag

It was formed in 2011 by brothers Christian and Damien Devaux, after a game of Tag between Christian and his son, Orlando, in their back garden.  

The guys are set to work on designing the ultimate course dimensions & scale of obstacles in order to perfectly balance the chase between the Evader & Chaser. 

World Chase Tag Tournament
World Chase Tag Tournament

Format of the Tournament

The format is simple that each team will have 5 members and 16 rounds to gain points.

Your team only gets a point of avoiding means not getting caught if your team member gets caught neither team gets any point.

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Rules of World Chase Tag

1. Two teams play against each other with 5 players each. (Additional 1 player as a substitute)

2. Each game consist of 16 rounds (each round of 20 seconds.)

3. Both teams will send one player in the play area as a chaser or evader.

4. The Tags can be done by only using hands not feet.

5. The player who wins the round, has to stay there for the next round to evade from opponent team’s player and the loser gets replace by another team player.

6. When a player evades the chaser for full 20 seconds then the team gets one point.

7. Team doesn’t get any point for tagging the opponent’s team player.

8. If any player steps off the playing square (area) then the team will lose that round.

9. The team with the highest points in those 16 rounds wins.

10. But if there is a tie then the winner is decided by a sudden death round.

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Sudden Death Round:

In this round, each team chooses 1 player for chasing and the second for evading.

And the team player who tags the opponent in minimum time or the team player who manages to evade the chaser for the maximum time won that round and win that whole game.

(It happens in WCT4 finals and it was the best match of WCT I must say…)

My thoughts

I was really shocked when I first saw it and I thought that it is just our childhood “pakada-pakadi” but with a whole new level of parkour in it.

Like really never thought that this could be a thing and it’s like a sprint and parkour mixed together.

It was really fun to watch and I watched the whole WCT season 4.

So, if you enjoy reading it then comments down below and leave you suggestions and any other topics that I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it.

That’s it for today then, I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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