World Hide and Seek Tournament, rules, Format, and more

So, I have already written a blog about Hide & Seek you can check out here… Hide & seek game how to play, rules, more Hindi/English, or just search in the search box your choice. But I was shocked that there is also a world Hide and Seek Tournament is a thing.

I always thought that it was a local game which is popular in children but no on the world scale adults play it more seriously than any others.

Similar was the case when I was writing about the world Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament -> Checkout Here… World rock, paper, scissors tournament how to play, rules and more to know more about it.

What is World Hide and Seek Tournament?

To put it in simple words it’s a world Tournament for those who still want to enjoy their childhood game (Hide and Seek).

This started in Italy (in Bergamo to be Specific) in 2010 and currently, there have been 9 editions of it till 2018.

It is based on the Italian Style of Hide and Seek which is played on a huge playground with artificial/natural hideouts.

Hide and Seek World Championship
Players hiding – World Hide and Seek Tournament

History of tournaments

The history of this isn’t that much because it started (first Edition) in the year 2010 in Bergamo, Italy.

There was an athlete Sinead Cormican and who trains at the South Dublin Hiding Academy and she holds 4 National Hide and Seek Championships and 3 European Intervarsity Hiding Medals.

This tournament was discovered accidentally at a birthday party when one of the founders began this game as fun and entertainment but now it has turned into a real and fun sport.

Format of World Hide and Seek World Tournament:

1. 5 players each team men/women/both.

2. Playing field will be an open ground with natural and artificial hiding places.

3. One player from each team will get 1 minute to hide and a member of the organization will try to find them.

4. Hidden players will get only 5 minutes to reach their home base without being noticed and first to do gets 20 points, second gets 19 points and so no.

5. Like this all the points the five players of each team got will be added to decide which team will be the winner.

6. The winning team gets a “The Golden Fig Leaf” which is the symbol of hiding.

Rules of Tournament

1. Each team consists of 5 players and age over 18.

2. 1 member from each play one round at a time.

3. Players get 1 minute to hide and 5 minutes to reach their home base.

4. Players found doing any cheating or players who couldn’t make it to the base will not get any point.

5. After all rounds the team with the highest points will be the winners.

My thoughts

When I first found out about this, I was shocked same as when I researched for the RPS Tournament.

This means the games I played as a child are now played as global games.

I would really like to have something like this you know, just enjoy our childhood.

 If such events ever happen in India, it will be a one-of-a-kind event just imagine how awesome it will be.

So, if you liked reading it then comment down your thoughts and give any suggestions on which you want me to write about.

Don’t just read alone share it with others and let their minds been blown.

That’s all for Today we will meet soon with something new till then…


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