Fall in Sports What is the Kho Kho game?

What is the Kho Kho game?

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kids playing Kho Kho
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Kho Kho, kho kho is one of the oldest and exciting games of all time because it involves chasing, dodging, saving yourself from getting touched by the opponents.

(If you are confused about this sentence then you will understand it so keep reading…), etc.

It is one of most popular traditional outdoor sport of our country.

Kho kho is a game played between two teams in which each team gets a chance either to chase the opponent’s player or to avoid getting touched by the opponent’s team chaser.

It looks easy but you required a lot more stamina and speed, and also some tricks to give the “Kho” at the perfect time to eliminate the opposing team’s player (runners).

It is one of the oldest, I said that because it is been said that this game has a starting history from ancient times (Ramayana, Mahabharat, etc.) -> till now (2020)…Isn’t it amazing!!!

History of Kho Kho

It’s been said that the history of Kho kho started in Mahabharat and it was played on Raths(Chariot) and called Rathera.

But its current rules were set by one of the greatest leaders “Lokmanya Tilak” at Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

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How to Play Kho Kho

It is played between two teams each having 12-15 players but for the actual match, only 9 players are selected from each team.

Then the toss, the one who wins the toss selects either to chase or avoid being touched.

The chaser team sits on the ground (only 8 players out of 9) in alternate order and the 9th player will start as a chaser.

3 players from the opponent team will enter the ground and try to avoid being touched by the chaser.

The current chaser can give a “Kho” to any of the sitting players then he will become the new chaser.

If the chaser touches the opponent’s player it gets a point. Each team gets 9 minutes to try and touch as many opponents as they can in that timeslot.

The one won has the more point wins the game.

Playing at Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho at tournament, image source – sportzcraazy.com

Rules to know about Kho Kho

1. Each team consists of 12-15 players in a team but only 9 will be playing in a single match.

2. Each match consists of two innings in which each team gets their chance for chasing and running (avoiding the chaser).

3. 8 members of the chasing team sit on the ground alternately and the 9th member is the current chaser for the team.

4. Each team get about 7-9 minutes in each inning to earn points.

5. To earn points, chasers have to touch their opponent’s team players by using their palm (hand). Each time a payer is eliminated Chaser gets one point.

6. Opponents runners have to come in a group of 3 and when all these 3 players are eliminated then only the next group of 3 has to enter.

7. Opponents runners can go through (can go left-right) between the space of the players sitting on the ground.

8. But the current Chaser cannot move like that he has to take a full round to go on to another side.

9. The current chaser can switch himself with the 8 sitting players by touching their back and saying out loud “Kho”. Then the touched person becomes the current Chaser.

10. The team which has more points wins the game.

People use different strategies like creating a chain to catch the runners off guard so it is not just about running it needs the combination of stamina, speed, and brains.

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My thoughts on Kho Kho

Kho kho is one of my favorite games to play in my childhood not that I am too old to say that. *ignore me on that*

Like all the games I also wasn’t good at this but still, I enjoy the running and getting tired but still hopeful that we would win.

It feels excited when we are near to defeat our opponents and that anger or frustration of losing by a mere one or two points that feelings are one of the best feelings that you ever experience.

Like I said I’m not good at sports but I love to take part in such team games even though I am not a good runner. Just to be a part of the game is great which gives you more happiness.

So, in the end, I would say whenever you get the chance to play not only kho kho but any other game just participate it might give you a change from your regular life.

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Alright that’s it for today we will meet soon till then…


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