Fall in Sports How To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors| School Life Games

How To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors| School Life Games

How To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors| School Life Games
Rock paper scissors game

I know what you are thinking that why is he writing about a game that everybody knows How To Play Rock Paper Scissors (I guess you already know).

But wait and read you will know more about the game’s history, and much more…

Rock, paper, scissors are also called “Rochambeau” like Ro-Sham-Bo and Rock-paper-scissors respectively.

The game is like you have 3 options either rock, paper, or scissors and the opponent has the same

And it depends on your and your opponent’s choices.

It’s like a guessing game or predicting the other player’s moves.

History of Rock, Paper, Scissors

The first time anybody mentions this game was in a book named “Wuzazu” written by the Chinese writer Xie Zhaozhi at the time of the Ming Dynasty.

In this book, the game was called shoushiling.

If you think it’s just that but no there’s a long history about this game.

In Japanese history, this game is also mentioned as “The three who afraid of one another” (sansukumi-ken).

In the early 20th century rock, paper, scissors spread beyond Asia, therefore, the names of the three-hand gesture were translated in English as what we know now.

How To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors
How To Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, image source – nypost

How to play Rock, Paper, Scissors

It can be played between multiple players together or you can play it as a small tournament one-on-one.

The game is simple like you have 3 options (rock (represent as Fist), paper (represent as Palm), scissors (represent as Two Fingers)) from this you have to choose one.

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1: Think about what to choose.

2: Say “Rock Paper Scissors’ and both show your choice at the same time.

3: You can decide if it should be like a solo showdown, 5 points game, or even more to declare the winner.

You can also make teams and have fun.

Means decide two teams and each player gets only one chance (sudden death match).

The team who defeats all the opponent’s players wins it can be a good variation to play don’t you think.

World Tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Did you even know that this game had a world tournament!!!

When I first read about it, I didn’t believe it at first then I read more and it is way more different than what we play in school. read more…

For more read this->World Rock Paper Scissor Association might you be the next champion who knows.

My thoughts

So, I really enjoyed it in school and this game has no limit of age or players and it is also a method to decide between something.

Like the loser will do this work something like that.

It really doesn’t have any equipment so we can play it while walking home or when you are bored or even with small children and they like it too.

I have good memories of this game so that’s all I want to say.

If you like reading it then comment below and give any other suggestions so it will me ideas too.

And don’t just read alone share it with others so they can read and enjoy it too you know. We will meet again with something new till then…


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