Volleyball About the game Spiker Libero Serves more

So, hi everyone I know, I know I am too late. I was distracted elsewhere but now I am on track and let’s talk about what I promised in the last post. Volleyball About the game, Spiker, Libero, Serves, more.

But first, if you didn’t read the last post then please check that out so you can get a basic idea about the Volleyball still I tell you in brief. Volleyball Game | Rules, How to play, History, More

Volleyball is a game where you can only touch the ball for a few seconds and you can’t let the ball fall on your side of the court.

How the game starts

So, it starts with one team’s server to serve it on the other side of the court then receivers receive it and try to lift the ball high enough for the setters to set the ball for the spikers.

Setters sets the ball for Spiker and the Spikers try to hit the ball on the opponent’s side of the court through the blockers to earn points for the team.

Same time from the other side blockers tries to stop the spikers from hitting it on their side and block it completely to get points for their team.

Volleyball About the game Spiker Libero Serves more. Volleyball Game Rules How to play and more
Volleyball About the game Spiker Libero Serves more

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Different Positions/Roles or Types of players

I have mentioned almost all but still missed one or two which I will cover here.

1. Servers: Servers are like the start point of the game because the gameplay starts when a serve is done.

And a powerful serve can destroy other team gameplay cause with powerful serves the opponent team’s receivers won’t be able to receive the ball high enough or in a position where the setter can set it properly.

It will minimize the team’s attack formation and can destroy any team’s rhythm.

Volleyball Server - Volleyball About the game Spiker Libero Serves more
Volleyball Server

There are many types of Serves like:

Normal Serve: These are like just to normally pass the ball on the other side.

Jump Serve: These are the ones I told you about. Jump Serves are powerful serves that can put a lot of pressure on the opponents.

Because nothing will start until the ball is received by the receivers.

Jump Floaters: These are completely different from Jump Serves cause these are slow balls with a minimum spin so you really can’t predict where it will fall.

Even if they are the best receivers, they really hate Jump Floaters.

Underhand Serve: In an underhand serve, the player does not toss the ball up in the air, as in other serve attempts.

 Instead, the server holds onto the ball and strikes it below their waist with a closed fist.

Underhand serves are often much easier to receive and hit compared to other serve styles, and thus are rarely employed in high-level volleyball competitions.

If the serve successfully hits the floor without any contact with opponents then it is called “No touch Ace”.

2. Receivers: Receivers are the ones who receive those powerful serves and send it high enough for the setters to set the ball.

Even if you think it’s not a big thing but most of the new players start with practicing receives.

So, if the spiker broke through the blocker’s wall then also a good receiver will manage to receive it and the game will continue until the ball falls.

Well, this is what is called a “Rally”.

Volleyball Receivers
Volleyball Receivers

Types of Receives:

Dig/Underhand: Dig is a type of receiving an opponent’s spikes where the player tries to reach below the ball so they can lift it up and keep the ball in the game.

Overhand: here the player moves underneath the ball and controls it with the fingertips.

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3. Setters: Setters are like the control tower of the team who decides with whom he should attack and also clear the way for the spikers.

It’s really like a conductor conducting an orchestra. If you understand this thing then you will understand what setters are like.

volleyball Setter - Volleyball About the game Spiker Libero Serves more
Volleyball Setter

They not only set the ball for the attack but can attack by themselves in a sneaky manner and dump the ball on the other side’s court. It’s called the “Setter Dump”.

4. Spikers: Simply put these are the main source of scoring points for the team. Their job is to slam the ball on the other team’s court.

You might think what’s the difficulty in it well, it’s difficult because other team’s blockers will try to stop you from hitting and if it falls on your side of the court then the point will go to the opponent.

Volleyball Spiker
Volleyball Spiker

There are Many types of Spikes let’s see:

1. Feint/tip/dink: It’s like spikers look like going to hit a powerful spike but hit slightly over the blockers. It is difficult to use but it’s very effective.   

2. Cross Spike: These spikes are difficult to pull off where the spiker hits the ball by curving his hand. And it’s a crazy thing to watch.

3. line shots: These are risky but when it hits the line perfectly that happiness you really can’t express.

These are rare occasions and difficult because if the aim is a little of it will miss the line and will be out.

4. Wipe: When one player pushes the ball against the opponent’s block and physically wipes the ball out of bounds

5. Rebound: It is also rare and difficult where spiker purposely hit the block lightly so that team can regroup and again go for an attack.

5. Blockers: As Spikers try to score for their team so as Blockers try to block them. They don’t have any specific trick but players watch the ball rather than the Spiker before blocking which is called “Read Blocking”.

Volleyball Blockers - Volleyball About the game Spiker Libero Serves more
Volleyball Blockers

Types of blocking

Read Blocking:  When the middle blocker attempts to read where the setter is setting the ball and goes in that direction. 

Commit Blocking: This is when a blocker commits to blocking a specific hitter. 

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Special Positions/Roles of players

Volleyball Libero
Volleyball Libero

1. Wing Spiker: This is a special position given to the left spiker who is to be called “The Ace”. It’s really great to have a powerful spiker who can push forward through the blocks that’s why that player is called the Ace.

2. Libero: This is a special position for the one who can’t attack but is specialized in defense.

He can switch in and out multiple times where other players can substitute only once in a set.

3. Pinch Server: This position is for one of their best servers. This is special because they only get one chance to serve in each set and they have to show what they have got in that single turn.

They can keep serving until the ball is fallen on their side of the court. And they live to get the “no-touch ace” for themselves and the team. 

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Team Plays in Volleyball

Quick attack: This is a right through the middle directly in front of the setter. This is one common attack in volleyball.

Synchronized attack: When all possible spikers on a team run towards the ball together in order to hide the real Spikers is called a Synchro attack.

Pipe/Back attack: A back-row set aimed at the middle of the court between a B and a C-ball.

I hope that now you might have understood more about volleyball and more about the players and different positions and all.

So, I guess that’s all for today. If you enjoy reading it then comment down below and leave you suggestions and any other topics that I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it.

I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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