Fall in Sports Hide & Seek game how to play, rules, more Hindi/English

Hide & Seek game how to play, rules, more Hindi/English

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kids playing hide and seek cartoon
Hide & Seek game

If you never heard of hide & seek game then my friend you missed an important part of your childhood. It is a simple game where one player closes their eyes and counts till 10 and all others have to hide and Seeker has to find all of them.

It was and still is one of childhood’s best games to play in summer vacations.

History of Hide & Seek game

It has a long history from like 2nd century were a Greek writer named Julius Pollux described a similar type of game or it could be the base of the game.

It is great fact that this simple game has this long history. Mind Blown!!!

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How to play Hide & Seek

It’s an easy game. You just have to select one player to take the dine who will be a seeker and all others have to hide. When Seeker sees someone, then he has to say his/her name and say ‘statue’ and same if others touched and say ‘Dhappa’ before seeker completes their name then Seeker has to restart his/her turn.  

kids playing hide and seek
Kids playing hide and seek together

Hide & Seek goes International Tournament

A Championship named “Nascondino World Championship” is a unique international hide & seek competition (a team game) for adults.

It held annually in Italy and takes place in playgrounds with artificial and natural hideouts. In Sept 2017’s competition total of 70 teams from 11 countries participated here.

For more->https://hardcoreitalians.blog/2020/06/05/the-hide-and-seek-world-championship/

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My thoughts on hide & Seek

It was and still one of the best games to play in summer vacations. It was a game which I played till night with my friends, even if my parents scolded me but if I listen then what type of kid I would be. Even at the exams time, I played till night because it was that fun. Even now if I got the chance, I would love to play it again.

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