10 best Hide and Seek Variations – more ways to play this classic game

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This is the list of 10 Hide and Seek game variations that you can enjoy and can make new memories with it.

Hide and Seek Original Version

The game is simple one player closes their eyes and all other players hide. the Harjoitusesimerkki kehonrakennuksen aloittelijoille – Fitneass cy3 mennessa suomessa clenbuterol hydrochloride kehonrakennuksen kauneus seeker has to find all the hidden players to win.

Hide and Seek team up Variation

It starts as the original game with one player counting with eyes closed.

The difference is that if a player finding others found any other then he/she has to join him and then both of them will search for the remaining ones. Isn’t it interesting?

Hide and Seek Sardines Variation

This variation is the complete opposite of the original game and it seems more like a hunting game.

Let me explain, here only one player will hide and all other players have to find him/her. See told you it’s more like a hunting game but it’s fun.

kids playing hide and seek
kids playing hide and seek

Hide and Seek Secret Signal Variation

It also begins as a normal game like one player close eyes and starts counting but with a twist in it.

When the seeker finds a player then he will join him in finding others but if he sees any other hiding players then he can signal them without being a notice to the starting seeker and if the seeker notice that he is giving any signal then the hidden players will also join seeker to find others.

It feels like being a spy and I would love to play this variation.

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Hide And Seek Jail Variation

It is somewhat the same but here the seeker has to decide a room or place which will be the jail and the game starts like any normal game.

Then whenever the seeker found someone then he/she has to put them in jail but the real gameplay is that other hidden players can free them and bring them back in-game unless they are caught doing it by the seeker.

It turns out to be a long game and also a risk-taking scenario that is to rescue others or stay hidden.

Hide and Seek Timer Variation

The game is simple. One will hide and all others will try to find and one will keep the track of the time that how long it takes to find him. They all keep taking turns and the one with the highest time wins.

This one must become a local solo sport what do you say?

kids playing hide and seek variations among them
kids playing hide and seek variations among them

Hide and Seek Return to Base Variation

The game starts as the original one but they decide a place as their base and all other hidden players’ task is to reach the base without being caught by the ‘Seeker’.

Here Seeker will try to tag you and if you got tagged then you are out.

Hide and Seek Kick the Can Variation

It is simple you just have to keep a can where the seeker is counting then everyone hides. Seeker’s job is the same that to find others and if he tags you then you have to go to a specific place or jail.

The hidden players can free the tagged players by kicking the can without getting noticed by the Seeker. 

Hide and Seek Find the Object Variation

Basically, it is not hide and seek but more like object finding. The game is simple where two teams have to play one team hides the objects and the other team has to find those objects.

When the seeker team finds all the objects then they simply change their roles.

Hide and Seek Code Name Variation

The game is the same as the original but with a simple twist that all the players have to use a code name and the seeker has to use that name while finding others.

You can use any specific genre like animals, plants, cars, company names, or any other group (it’s totally up to you) and it is really a great variation to play.

If you like it then be sure to comment below and give any suggestions if you want to. Don’t just read alone share it with others so they can enjoy it too. That’s it for today we will meet with something new. Till then…


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