Childhood Games we played in school

In our childhood, we play different games most of the time and this list is to make you remember a few games from our childhood. Here’s a list of Childhood Games we played in school

Lagori – 1) Childhood Games we played in school

kids playing Lagori - Childhood Games we played in school
Kids playing Lagori game, image source – themysteriousindia

Lagori, if you played it then at least you must have heard about it. So, this blog is just to remind you how good this game is and you at least once try to play it with your friends.

Lagori is a popular sport in southern parts of India, where two teams play this with a ball and pile(stack) of flat stones.

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Kho-kho – 2) Childhood Games we played in school

Playing at Kho Kho Tournament -  Childhood Games we played in school
Playing at Kho Kho Tournament

Kho Kho, kho kho is one of the oldest and most exciting games of all time, because it involves chasing and dodging. It is one of the most popular traditional outdoor sports in our country.

It is played between two teams and each team gets either to chase the opponent’s player or to avoid the opponent’s team chaser on the ground without getting touched.

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Hide and seek – 3) Childhood Games we played in school

If you never heard of Hide & Seek game then my friend you missed an important part of your childhood. It is a simple game where one player closes their eyes and counts till 10 and all others have to hide and Seeker has to find all of them.

It was and still is one of childhood’s best games to play in summer vacations.

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Do you remember where a single player starts as a dener he tries to catch all other players and whenever a player is caught that player needs to join the dener to catch the remaining players.

As more players are caught the bigger the chain gets that why it’s called chain and in Marathi, it is called “सोन-साखळी”.

This continues until all the players are caught.

Gilli Danda

If you wonder what is Gilli danda or Tip-cat then you might be pretty young. But if you might have heard about Gilli danda from your parents which they use to play in their childhood.

You can do one thing just suddenly ask like “Do you ever play Gilli danda?” you will see a smile on his face.

So, let’s introduce you to this game.

Basically, Gilli Danda is a game played by using a stick and another flat piece of wood also called “Gilli”. It is a game somehow like cricket played mainly in villages.

It was played between people of all age groups. Gilli danda is also played in other countries like Turkey, South Africa, Italy, Poland, etc.

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Rumal Jhapatta

People playing Rumal Jhapatta game -  Childhood Games we played in school
People playing Rumal Jhapatta game

Rumal Jhapatta is a simple game where you need some quick reflexes to counter your opponents’ movements. here’s How to Play the Rumal Jhapatta game.

This game consists of two teams, and an object such as a bottle or handkerchief, etc., which is designated as the “bone.”

A player from each team comes forward and attempts to take the bone (placed at the center of the playing area) back to his team.

The player who fails to take the bone has to go out of the game.

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Maraam Pitti

This was one of my favorites where all players try to hit each other with the ball (softball of course). There is no end goal for this game just hit someone any time you get the ball and avoid getting hit. This was like best to take out all the anger you have (just saying😁 you know).

Rock Paper scissors

I know what you are thinking that why is he writing about a game that everybody knows How To Play Rock Paper Scissors (I guess you already know).

But wait and read you will know more about the game’s history, and much more…

Rock, paper, scissors are also called “Rochambeau” like Ro-Sham-Bo and Rock-paper-scissors respectively.

The game is like you have 3 options either rock, paper, or scissors and the opponent has the same and it depends on your and your opponent’s choices. It’s like a guessing game or predicting the other player’s moves.

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Red Hands

Friends playing Red Hands - Childhood Games we played in school
Friends playing Red Hands

 I don’t know if you know this game but it’s like the name suggests to win it get the red hands.

It’s a painful game but really played in schools where all players keep one hand on each other and take turns to hit.

The player takes his hand from below and hits hard on the top player’s hand.

So just one rule the one who survives these hits till the end wins. I don’t recommend this game but it’s up to you to decide.

So, I guess that’s all for today. If you enjoy reading it then comment down below and leave you suggestions and any other topics that I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it.

I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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