Fall in Sports Indian Volleyball Team – History Journey players and more

Indian Volleyball Team – History Journey players and more

You may only know about the Indian cricket team and all but there are teams that represent India in various sports and don’t get that much recognition. So here’s the Indian volleyball team – History journey players and more

The India men’s national volleyball team represents India in international volleyball competitions. It is managed by the Volleyball Federation of India.

The Indian volleyball team has had a rollercoaster ride in its history. Although they have never qualified for the Olympics, they have appeared in the World Championship twice.

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History of Indian volleyball team

The sport gained proper structure with the formation of the Volleyball Federation of India (VFI) in 1951.

It helped the nation discover Bodybuilding motivation – SHOW THEM sustanon 250 testosterone mix ben pakulski teaches chest training for bodybuilding – part 1 several talents who went on to play with great distinction for the Indian volleyball team.

Indian Volleyball Team – History Journey players and more
Indian Volleyball Team – History Journey players and more

Journey of Indian volleyball team

India had immediate success after formation as they made their debut in FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship’s 1952.

In 1955, India won the Asian Volleyball Tournament which was held in Tokyo. Three years later, the Gurudev Singh-led team won the bronze medal at the 1958 Asian Games.

The year 1962, in the Asian Games they managed to go one step ahead as they began their campaign with four consecutive wins against Burma, Cambodia, and Pakistan.

Their old rivals Japan got the better of them in what was a five-set thriller, with Japan winning the final set by a 15–12 margin.

This team was led by legendary players Nripjit Singh Bedi and A. Palaniswamy, both Arjuna Award winners.

India has to settle for the Silver Medal which is currently their highest achievement ever at the Asian Games.

After a memorable outing at the 1962 Asian Games, India finished fourth and fifth at the 1966 and 1974 Asian Games respectively.

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Old Indian Volleyball Team

The Journey’s Continue…

In the 1986 Asian Games India sent arguably its best team ever.

Led by Cyril Valloor, the team boasted the presence of former national coach GE Sridharan, K Udayakumar, who later went on to captain the Indian volleyball team.

They finished fourth in the 2005 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship which is currently their highest ever finish at this tournament.

They went all the way to the semi-finals where they lost in straight sets against Japan and then went down to South Korea in a third-place match losing with a margin of three sets to one.

The Indian volleyball men’s team was ranked 34th in 2014, their best in the world, they also managed to win a gold medal eighth gold medal at the 2016 South Asian Games.

But just as it seemed that the sport was picking up again, an internal dispute in the VFI meant that it was banned from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) for two years till 2018.

The Pro Volleyball League, a franchise-based tournament was started in 2019 and it was a resounding success, made more memorable by the appearance of stars like American David Lee.

India also gained their ninth and seventh successive gold medal at the South Asian Games in 2019.

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Players of Indian volleyball team

Legendary players

Jimmy George – greatest Indian Volleyball Player of all time

Balwant Singh, popularly known as Ballu, was an Indian volleyball player, considered a star of the India men’s national volleyball team.

Riaz Ahmed is a former volleyball player who represented the India national team as a senior player at the 1966 Asian Games.

Abdul Siddiqui was a captain of the India men’s national volleyball team and was a member of the team that won the bronze medal in the 1986 Seoul Asian games, beating Japan.

Jimmy George, often considered one of the greatest volleyball players of all time and was a member of India’s men’s national volleyball team.

He was the first Indian volleyball player to become a professional and played club volleyball in Italy.

Karunakarakurup Udayakumar was an Indian men’s national volleyball team player known for his all-around skills at offense and defense and a member of the Indian volleyball team during the golden era of Indian volleyball.

Cyril Valloor is a former Indian men’s national volleyball team player from Kerala.

He represented the country in the 1986 Seoul Asian Games where he captained the Indian team that won the bronze medal.

G E Sridharan is a former Indian men’s national volleyball team player from Tamil Nadu, India who played during the late 1970s to late 1980s.

He is the current coach for the India men’s national volleyball team and former coach for the Tamil Nadu Volleyball team.

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Current Indian Volleyball Team

G K S Ammal Akhin                      

Amit Balwan Singh

Ranjit Singh Ranjit Singh

Gagan Kumar Kumar

Kamlesh Khatik

Vinit Kumar Vinit Kumar

Ajithlal Chandran

Sinha Deepesh Kumar

Midhun Kumar Balasubramaniayn

Jerome Vinith Charles

Ukkrapandian Mohan

Shon Thanghalathil John

Ashwal Rai

Karthik Ashok

My Thoughts

As we know that many teams represent India in different sports but all of us mostly focus on the Indian cricket team and not on the other teams that play for our country.

Don’t think that I am only blaming you all cause I was also one of them but now I understand that each of the teams requires the same attention we give to cricket.

That’s why I am going to write about almost all the Indian teams that play for our country in different sports.

So stay tuned for it…and that’s for it today.

So, I guess that’s all for today. If you enjoy reading it then comment down below and leave you suggestions and any other topics that I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it.

I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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