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How to play Tip-cat and more about Gillidanda

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tip-cat (Gilli Danda) game - Fall in Sports
Gilli danda, image source – madrascourier.com

Tip-cat (Gilli Danda) is a game of a stick and another flat piece of wood. It is similar to cricket and played mainly in villages. It’s been played by the peoples of all age groups. It is also been played in other countries like Turkey, South Africa, Italy, Poland, etc.

Tip-cat (Gilli Danda) is known by different names in different places like :

Vitti dandu (Maharashtra), Kitti (Tamil Nadu), Gulli danda (Punjab), Tip-cat (England), Klipa (Poland), Konda kondi (Malaysia), etc.

History of Tip-cat (Gilli danda)

It is an ancient game of India, possibly with origins over 2500 years ago and the game is believed to be the origin of western games such as cricket, baseball, and softball.

kids playing Gilli danda game - Fall in Sports
Kids Playing Gilli Danda, image source – traditionalsports.org

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How to play Tip-cat (Gilli Danda)

It can be played individually or as a team and the team who wins the toss decides either bat or to field first. The striker from the batting team first hits the small wooden piece to float it up in the air and then strikes it while in mid-air.

If the fielders catch the Gilli then the striker is out. If no one catches it then the distance is measured with that danda and the length of danda is equal to 1 run.

The batting team’s striker scores as many runs as he could for his team and the score is counted as the number of times it takes a Danda to cover the distance of the Gilli. But if the striker misses the Gilli three times then he is declared out. So, the first inning over when all strikers of the batting team are out. Then the opponent team has to score more runs to win the game.   

My thoughts on Tip-cat (Gilli Danda)

First of all, I never played this game but whatever I heard from my elder it was once a legendary game of their time. Even though there were games like cricket, football but still people were crazy about it.

Just like any other old games like Lagori(link), Kho-Kho(link), etc. Gilli danda is also fading and almost gone from the cities and also fading from the villages.

But federations like Gilli Danda International Federation (for more info) – are trying to


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