History of Sports and Games Evolution and more

The history of sports goes back to ancient times and here we will get to know about the…the History of Sports and Games Evolution and more.

History of Sports and Games Evolution and more

History of Sports and Games Evolution and more
History of Sports and Games Evolution and more

The history of sports is way in past and described in our mythology but for us, it started as training for military forces. Many sports involve throwing objects like spears, rocks which were needed for the war in the past.

One-on-one combat might be the inspiration for sports like boxing, kick-boxing, etc.

The first Olympics were held in 776 BC which had sports like chariot races, javelin and discus throw, etc. Most say that Ancient Greeks introduced formal sports to the world.

Evolution of Sports and Games

Bat and Ball sports

Cricket: The game originated from south-east England in the late 16th century and by 18th century it became the national sport and then from the 19th century it spread worldwide.

Baseball: The person named “Alexander Cartwright” of New York invented the sport we call “Baseball”. Knickerbocker Baseball Club made the first rules that became a standard and accepted in modern Baseball.

Softball: George Hancock a reporter working for the “Chicago Board of Trade” invented the sport “Softball” as an indoor baseball in 1887.

Basketball: In the year 1892 the first formal rules for Basketball were made and initially players dribbled the soccer ball up-down in any direction.

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History of Sports in India

History of Sports in India
History of Sports in IndiaImage Source: Scroll

The Indian history of sports goes back to the Vedic age in the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Around 1900 BC – 7000 BC where men with their status and honor face each other in competitive sports like Archery, Horse Riding (Chariot Race), Wrestling, Weight-Lifting, etc.

One of the oldest sports in India was “Chess” yeah you might have played it sometime or just given it a try.

It was called “Chaturanga” in ancient days then it goes through Arabians and was called a game of ‘Shatranj’ and spread throughout the world as what modern chess is.

 India just not only gave chess but also some best childhood board games like Snake and Ladders, Suits, Ludo, and more.

It’s not like India only gave the world some board games but also gave some of the popular physical sports too.

Kabaddi: It is believed that Kabaddi was first played in the Vedic time period and was mainly played by the Yadavas.

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A hint is given from the Mahabharata which contains an account of how Arjuna manages to sneak into the enemy area and took out enemies unscathed/unharmed.

This can be linked with our modern Kabaddi game where Raiders have to touch as many players as possible and have to come back to their side of the court without getting captured.

“When I read about this, I feel like what have I noticed, it…it definitely makes sense!!!”.

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Wrestling / Pehlwani:

Most we all think that it evolves in ancient Greece and in Roman Empire but there is concrete evidence that it also started or evolved in ancient India.

Yes, this sport, played in the soil of our country was and still popular but the watchers are not that much interested in this sport nowadays.

Badminton: Even its origin is from England but it was in India which evolves the modern Badminton sport. In old times it was known as ‘Poona’ when it was played by the Britishers.

Not only this but other indoor/outdoor games like Kho-Kho [add link of kho-kho], Carrom, and Martial Arts forms like Kalaripayattu are also found in India. 

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It’s not over and we will continue more about it in the next part which I will try to post soon but before that, you will get to see a few posts about some indoor games and as IPL 2022 [for checking out my IPL Section] will be starting you will also get to see the list of best moments from like 10-15 matches so stay tuned for it.  

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Don’t just read alone yaar share it with others in this way everybody can enjoy it. I will be back soon with another sport/game or related info. Till then…


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