Fall in Sports Greatest Cricket Rivalry between India and Pakistan

Greatest Cricket Rivalry between India and Pakistan

You can ask any Indian cricket fan which is your favorite rivalry they will say India vs Pakistan. So, let’s find out about the Greatest Cricket Rivalry between India and Pakistan

This rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world. There is also a tense situation between the counties via political matters, etc. Yet in sports, it is a different story.

The matches between India and Pakistan are more than just matches for us it is more like emotion and a pride moment for both countries.

Cricket enthusiasts from both countries put aside most of their work for this rivalry because everyone knows that anything can happen in this game.

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History of India vs Pakistan Rivalry

First India vs Pakistan match was played in 1952 when Pakistan toured India. Still, only limited matches were played because of wars between both countries like the 1965, 1971, and 1999 Kargil War and the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack.

After a long time, BCCI finally invited Pakistan national team to tour India for 3 ODI’s and 2 T20s in 2012.

Still many times the situation is heated between both countries before or even after the matches. Yet, it is considered one of the best rivalries because players from both teams respect each other even if the situation is not the top between both countries. 

People sometimes put too much pressure on the players to win and also sometimes get threatened to win against their opponents which goes a bit too far, to be honest, and exactly what happens online nowadays because of the trolls. I will give a proper message at the end for them.

The Greatest Rivalry – History of India vs Pakistan Cricket Rivalry
The Greatest Rivalry – History of India vs Pakistan Cricket Rivalry

India vs Pakistan Head-to-head Table format

FormatMatchesWon by IndiaWon by PakistanDraw/ No Result

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Best Moments in India vs Pakistan Rivalry

While searching for the best moments I found a few which you might already know or are worth remembering so let’s go.

1. Venkatesh’s Last Laugh

This was quite a popular and well-known moment. In this Aamer Sohail hits a boundary and tells Venkatesh to bring the ball by pointing in that direction. Without a word, Venkatesh bowled the next ball and cleaned the bells of the stump and then he pointed Aamer Sohail towards the direction of the dressing room. It was quite a moment don’t you think?

2. Standing ovation for Pakistan team at Chennai’s Stadium

In the first test series in 1999 against Pakistan, the target was 271 Sachin Tendulkar played an important role in this match.

In the end, India won that thrilling match by a very little margin that’s why it was a match to remember.

But, the main reason for this moment was that the whole MA Chidambaram Stadium gave a standing ovation for the hard-fought match to Pakistan’s team which shows that cricket can bring both rival countries together.

3. Anil Kumble the first Indian to take 10 wickets in an inning

The miracle happened at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in the 1999 test against Pakistan where Anil Kumble took a perfect ten in an inning.

He was only the second person to do so after Jim Laker but he became the one and only player to take 10 wickets in an Inning.   

There are only three players in the world to do so Jim Laker (1956), Anil Kumble (1999), and Ajaz Patel (2021). Names are written in golden words.

4. Sehwag became the first Indian to score a Triple Century

In 2004 in a test against Pakistan, he scored 309 runs which made him the first Indian cricketer to reach 300+ runs.

5. Miandad broke India’s hope of victory

Again in a tight game of ODI against India in 1986 Pakistan needed 246 runs to win. They were losing wickets at regular intervals but Miandad Javed stood at one end with an unbeaten 116 of 114.

The match was intense because Pakistan needed 4 runs in the last bowl.

Chetan Sharma bowled the last ball and Miandad hits that for a six which bring victory to Pakistan and broke the hearts of Indian fans.   

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This match was like a thrilling rollercoaster and I think this is one of the greatest rivalry match between these countries of all time. This whole match is still fresh in my mind because I watched the whole match and each ball was like a game changer for both teams.

As India was trailing behind because of early wickets Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya built a partnership to take team India to a stable condition.In the last 4 overs, both these players hit hard and turn the match towards India.

That two sixes on Rauf’s ball was too good to explain by me. Next that no ball six in the last over was a game changer too with that the thrill didn’t finished. That wide ball was what we call the final game changer which led to victory for team India.

But with all this the inning of 82* in 53 balls by Virat Kohli was just amazing to watch with that the Hardik’s 40 which supported team India and the last over of the match that six on the no-ball then that leave which gone for a wide and that last single from R Ashwin was just too clever of him.

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My Message for the trolls after India lost against Pakistan in Asia cup 2022

When India defeated Pakistan in the first match of Asia Cup 2022 then all the people enjoyed it but when India lost the match against Pakistan in the later match then outrage happened like breaking their TVs, etc.

It is a sport and winning and losing are a part of it. I saw many who trolled Arshdeep Singh for dropping that catch in a tight situation.

More than anyone he knows the worth of that catch and these trolls can demotivate any young player. Still, other players are talking in interviews and backing him up by saying it happens.

You can troll anyone but there must be a limit to which the player can handle it.

I know it was too much of a rant but I wanted to say this so I did so feel free to give your thoughts and enjoy reading my content.

So, I guess that’s all for today. If you enjoy reading it, comment below and leave your suggestions and any other topics I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it. I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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