Tennis Sport – History Rules How to Play

Tennis Sport – History Rules How to Play post thumbnail image
Tennis Sport – History Rules How to Play
Tennis Sport – History Rules How to Play

This sport is currently at Rank 5 in the trending list of Sports. Let’s see more about Tennis Sport – History Rules How to Play.

Tennis is also called Lawn tennis where singles or duos play against each other using rackets to hit the ball over the net on the rectangular court.

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History of Tennis

There is still no 100% confirmation about the inventor, but it was officially invented in 1874 by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield. He published the rule book and also did the patent for this sport.

Many historians have doubts that it might have developed from badminton.

Yeah, some people might get confused sometimes to decide, so they ask which game is it again.

People from Australia, France, New Zealand, UK are a few countries where tennis has more popularity than other games.

History of Tennis India

The history of tennis can be traced back to the late 19th century when the game was played in the British nation in the 1870s. After a decade, the game was brought to India by the British Army and civilian officers. Tennis tournaments were held in India when the game slowly picked pace in the country. Most notable tennis tournaments in the history of the game in the India include Punjab Lawn Tennis Championship held at Lahore in 1885, Bengal Lawn Tennis Championship held at Kolkata in 1887 and the All India Tennis Championships organized at Allahabad in 1910.

A need for a governing body was felt during the time, when Indian tennis players continued to be dominant in the sports, at the national level. This gave rise to the birth of the All India Lawn Tennis Association (AILTA) in Lahore in 1920. The rules and regulations for tennis were formulated, keeping in mind the laws followed by the Lawn Tennis Association of Britain.

Tennis Sport – History Rules How to Play
Tennis Sport – Singles Match, image credit – Olympics

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How To Play

Tennis is played between two single players or two duos on a rectangular court. The players hit the ball with the racket over the net to stay in the game and if any player or team cannot receive and send it back to the other side of the net then the opposite team or player gets the point.

Let’s see again how all this happens.

1. Player starts by hitting the ball from one side of the court which goes over the net to the other side it is called “Service”.

2. Then the other player/s tries to receive it and hit it back again to the first player’s court.

3. This back and forth keeps on until one player/s fails to hit it back over the net on the other side.

Now you must have understood this. My explanation skills are something else you know.

Area of Court:

78 x 27 feet for a singles match.

 78 x 36 feet for the doubles match.

Center Net – 3 feet high.

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Rules of Tennis

1. Matches can be Singles or Doubles.

2. Players cannot touch the net or the post

3. They cannot cross to the opponent’s side.

4. Players can’t hit the ball twice. There is only one chance.

5. Serve must bounce first before the other player can return it.

6. The ball should land in the area of the court. If it goes out of bounds then the opponent gets the point.

7. If the ball lands on the bound lines or boundaries then it will be considered fair.

8. If rackets slip from the hand, then the penalty is given.

9. Unnecessary arguments and the use of abusive words can give players a penalty.

10. If the ball lands on the bound lines or boundaries then it will be considered fair.

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Top 10 Best Tennis Players

RankPlayer NameAgeCountryPoints
1Carlos Alcaraz19Spain6,740
2Casper Ruud23Norway5,850
3Rafael Nadal36Spain5,810
4Daniil Medvedev26Russia5,065
5Alexander Zverev25Germany5,040
6Stefanos Tsitsipas24Greece4,810
7Novak Djokovic35Serbia3,570
8Cameron Norrie27New Zealand3,550
9Andrey Rublev24Russia3,390
10Hubert Hurkacz25Poland3,335

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