Fall in Sports World Tournament Rock, Paper, Scissors How To Play, Rules and more

World Tournament Rock, Paper, Scissors How To Play, Rules and more

World Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

In previous blog I wrote about the Rock, Paper, scissors game in which I mention the topic of the world Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and I was shocked when I read about it. I thought I should write something regarding it. Who knows you can become a world champion?

Requirement to qualify World Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

1.This is open to any person who is at least 21 years or older.

2.You must register as a team of 3-4 players.

3.It is the competitor’s responsibility to be ready to appear as scheduled.

4.Any player who has not pre-registered will not be eligible on the day of the event.

Instructions for World Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

1. Find a partner

2. Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” against each other until the first win.

3. The winner has to find a new opponent. The losing player becomes a fan of the winner.

4. The winner plays against the new opponent, while their fan cheers for them.

5. The winner of the second game searches for a new opponent, while the losing team joins their fan base.

6. Repeat until there are only two opponents with a huge fan base cheering for them. The last two have to play until one player has won 2 times.

World Rock Paper Scissors Tournament
World Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

Tournament Setup:

1. Tournament format will consist of a 32 team, single-elimination, tournament-style bracket.

2. Teams will consist of exactly three members per team.

3. Each preliminary round will consist of a “best of three” head-to-head competition of each team member and (3 head-to-head individual battles, best of three each).

4. Individual winner will score one point for his/her team. The first team to win two points wins the match and advances to the next round.

5. The Final Match will use the “best of three of five” format, meaning that the first team to earn 3 points

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The players count to 3. On 3 they form one out of 3 symbols with their hands:

Img – .png

In a three-on-three format, the matchups will be best of three means the team who wins two matches advances to the next round.

Like this, the matches will keep on going until we get our champion.

My thoughts

Personally, I was shocked that the game I played in my childhood (I still play…) reached World Tournament Level.

I searched more about it and I was more surprised cause I thought it was fake or something but no it is the real deal.

So, if you like to read and you heard about it the first then comment down below and give any suggestions if you want to.

That’s it for today we will meet again with something new till then…


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