List of different water sports you want to know about

Sports are not just played on the ground you know they can also be played on water or even under water. So, here’s a list of different water sports you want to know about.

List of Water Sports:

1. Swimming

2. Kayaking

3. Surfing

4. Sailing

5. Water polo

6. Canoeing

7. Wakeboarding

8. Rowing

9. Wind Surfing

10. Diving


Swimming - List of different water sports you want to know about
Swimming – List of different water sports you want to know about

The most common water sport among all the sports. It is a sport where people use their bodies to reach point A to point B as fast as possible.

It can be an individual sport or a team sport. For individuals, there can be a race to reach a certain distance or have multiple laps. For the team, it could be a relay race where the team passes the baton to the next team player after a certain distance to reach the end first.

Swimming also has different types like breast stroking, backstroking, butterfly, etc.           


It has a range of sports in which they use a small pointed boat called “Kayak” which is propelled by a double-edge paddle it is part of the Olympic games since the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. It has different sports like Sprint Kayaking – race on flat water with distances of 200m to 1000m, Surf Kayaking, Whitewater Slalom, etc.

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It is an individual water sport where you ride the waves of the ocean on a board. It is a tough sport where control plays an important role. As nature is unpredictable you can’t be sure how the waves will come.

Surfers get points from judges on their performance, including their control, aerial stunts, variety, the difficulty of waves, speed, riding right through the breaking wave barrel, etc.

Surfing got a lot of popularity and became an Olympic sport in 2016 and played in 2021 after this it is not just remained a sport but became a religion for some people.


Sailing - List of different water sports you want to know about
Sailing – List of different water sports you want to know about

It can be an individual or a team sport. For this, they use yachts that’s why the previous name of this sport was “Yachting”. It has different formats where different people compete with each other like a race or setting up world records, etc.

If not as a sport even as the enjoyment you can get an amazing experience of the yacht of riding on the waters.

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Water polo

It is a competitive water team sport where two teams of seven players each play together. Both teams try to score goals by throwing them in the opponent’s net.

 It is played in a deep pool so that their feet could not touch the floor it is in the list of most physically demanding Olympic sports and is known internationally and is a team sport for developing well-round athletes.


It started as a non-competitive sport and mainly it was for relaxing which involves paddling on local streams and lakes.

Slowing it gained more popularity and it became a competitive sport. It includes double paddle races, and single blade races. Completing any water stream in minimum time is also included in the list of adventure sports.


It is a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. In this, the rider is towed along with the boat while riding a board.

Riders can move along with the boat or can go to the sides. They can perform various jumps and techniques like jumps, one-hand surfing, spins, aerial moves, etc.

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It is a sport on surface water in which athletes move forward by rowing using the paddle. It can be an individual and team sport and It consists of races and also it can have a tug of war using these boats. I have watched a few videos of this and I was shocked that it is happening.

I will write about this soon till then you can read about the different sports which I wrote about.

Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing - List of different water sports you want to know about
Wind Surfing – List of different water sports you want to know about

It is a sport that combines both sailing and surfing on a single-person craft called a sailboard and the mast or the central rod which has the sails is used to give direction to the sailboard according to the air currents, waves, etc. to achieve more speed. The top speed record holder is Björn Dunkerbeck with a speed of 103.67 kph.


It involves a person springing up on the board which has a height of 10 meters above the water and jumping into the water while performing some moves mid-air and then diving into the water as smoothly as possible.

It has four stages – Straight -> Pike -> Tuck -> Free.

There are still many more water sports which we will see in the next part so stay tuned for it. It will be posted soon.

So, I guess that’s all for today. If you enjoy reading it then comment down below and leave your suggestions and any other topics that I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it. I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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