Fall in Sports Jousting a Dangerous Riding Sport – Lost Old Sport

Jousting a Dangerous Riding Sport – Lost Old Sport

Jousting a Dangerous Riding Sport – Lost Old Sport
Jousting a Dangerous Riding Sport – Lost Old Sport

Old time was filled with some dangerous yet exciting sports of all time. It is a contest between two riders (Knights) to fight with a lance. Sounds dangerous yet exciting. Let’s see more about Jousting a Dangerous Riding Sport – Lost Old Sport.

Jousting is a martial game means it was connected with the war. In this, two horse riders wielding the weapon (the Lance) in their hand and charging toward each other as a participant in the tournament.

They try to make their opponents fall from the horse or break their shield.

Most tournaments were loosely constructed, barely regulated, and were to train the knights or entirely for the amusement of the nobles.

History of Jousting

It is traced back to the Middle Ages (13th to 16th century) and with the rise of heavy cavalry means armored warriors on horses and it became a popular sport in that period.

In the old times many higher authorities like rich people, Nobles used to send their best knights to fight for them and also to fight for their kingdom. First-ever jousting was referenced in a tournament in 1066.

It was not just for the glory on the battlefield some nobles and Kings also did this to showcase their courage, and talent to everyone.

Requirements for Jousting

 A Horse (For Riding)

Battle Armor (Protection)

A Lance (To Attack)

Shield (To Defend)

And an Invitation (for participation in old times)

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How Jousting is Played

It is an extreme sport where you have to ride on a horse with body armor and a lance in your hand. The aim is to make your opponent fall from their horse.

This sport might be simple to understand but can get brutal to see in action. Mostly they attack their opponents on their chest to deal good damage but if the opponent guards it then it makes them vulnerable to defend.

Jousting a Dangerous Medieval Riding Sport – Lost Old Sport
Jousting a Dangerous Medieval Riding Sport – Lost Old Sport – visitbristol

Rules of Jousting

1. Fight will be one-on-one on horsebacks.

2. There must be body armor for protection and a lance to attack.

3. To win they have to make the other warrior fall down from their horse.

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Is Jousting still happening?

Yes. Jousting still exists in some countries but the intensity is reduced completely because injuries could be dangerous. Now the sport has completely changed from its previous form.

In old times it was a one-on-one fight against their opponent riders but now you have to collect three rings with the given lance while riding on your horse in less than 10 seconds.

But few countries still do the one-on-one fight with warriors with armor and lance riding on horses, charging their opponent and making them fall to win. It is considered an extreme sport that deals with serious injuries but some people do it for the enjoyment of people watching and supporting them.

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My Thoughts

After reading about this I was scared and thrilled and tried to imagine how it could have happened in such old times.

Even though we know how strong and furious were the warriors at that time all over the world yet each time jousting was done there was a chance of something bad happening. It was always like a life and death match scenario.

It is played now also but in old times it was with a different intensity because they had only one thing to defeat their opponent without showing any mercy and with anything possible.

It’s a really dangerous yet thrilling experience for the fighter as well as the audience.

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So, I guess that’s all for today. If you enjoy reading it, then comment below and leave your suggestions and any other topics I should write about in the comments.

Don’t just read alone share it with others in this way everybody will enjoy it. I will be back soon with another game or related info. Till then…


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