Fall in Sports Know the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024

Know the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024

After a long break, I am back at it again. When we talk about Indian sports leagues the only thing that comes to our mind is IPL. But other sports leagues are fighting to gain similar popularity. So, let’s dive into Know the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024.

Indian Premier League has such a grand popularity which gave birth to many other foreign cricket leagues like SA-20 or Major League cricket, etc. But these are the sports that are trying to gain the popularity that IPL has and want to establish themselves at the top of the chain.

List of the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

Started From: July 2014

Seasons: 10

Sport: Kabaddi

Owner: Mashal Sports

Viewership: 226 million

Star players: Pardeep Naral, Manindar Singh, Fazel Atrachali and more

Teams Play: 12

History of this league

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) was founded in 2014 and rapidly gained popularity, by attracting large crowds and significant television viewership. The league follows a round-robin format with playoffs to determine the champion.

This league has provided a platform for international players to showcase their talent and has been associated with celebrities, adding to its glamour. It has played a significant role in popularizing kabaddi as a professional sport in India and has contributed to its recognition on the global stage.

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Know the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024 -  Indian Super League

Indian Super League (ISL)

Started From: October 2013

Seasons: 10

Sport: Football

Owner: All India Football Federation (AIFF), Reliance Industries Ltd, Disney Star

Viewership: 130 million

Star players: Dimitri Petratos, Hugo Boumous, Sunil Chhetri and more

Teams Play: 12

History of this league

The Indian Super League (ISL) was established in 2013 to popularize football in India and raise the standard of the sport. Its inaugural season commenced in 2014, featuring eight franchises representing various cities across the country.

Over the years, the league has expanded both in terms of the number of teams and the duration of the season. More franchises have joined, and the league has extended its reach to new cities and regions, broadening its fan base.

The format of the ISL includes a regular season where each team competes against others in a home-and-away format. The top teams progress to the playoffs, and the finals determine the champion.

One significant aspect of the ISL is its emphasis on developing Indian football talent. The league provides a platform for young players to showcase their skills alongside international stars, fostering their growth and nurturing future talent for the national team.

ISL has forged strategic partnerships with global football organizations and clubs to facilitate player exchanges, coaching collaborations, and youth development initiatives. These partnerships aim to elevate the standard of football in India and strengthen its position in the international football community.


Prime Volleyball League (PVL)

Started From: February 2022

Seasons: 3

Sport: Volleyball

Owner: Baseline Ventures

Viewership: 206 million

Star players: Guru Prashanth, Tsvetelin Tsvetanov, K Rahul and more

Teams Play: 12

History of this league

Prime Volleyball League is a men’s indoor volleyball league in India and is India’s first and only private sports league where team owners are also stakeholders in the league. The league features franchises from 9 cities across India. The teams participating in the league are Ahmedabad Defenders, Bengaluru Torpedoes, Calicut Heroes, Chennai Blitz, Delhi Toofans, Hyderabad Black Hawks, Kochi Blue Spikers, Kolkata Thunderbolts and Mumbai Meteors.
The league features top volleyball players from India and across the world. Kolkata Thunderbolts became the first champions while Ahmedabad Defenders took the crown in the second season.


Know the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024 - Ultimate Kho kho

Ultimate Kho Kho

Started From: August 2022

Seasons: 2

Sport: Kho Kho

Owner: Mr. Amit Burman, Kho Kho Federation of India (KKFI).

Viewership: 164 million

Star players: Ramji Kashyap, Majahar Jamadar, Arun Gunki and more

Teams Play: 6

History of this league

Ultimate Kho Kho is India’s first-ever professional Kho Kho League, which is being promoted by Mr. Amit Burman in collaboration with the Kho Kho Federation of India (KKFI).

It has been launched to market India’s indigenous sport of Kho Kho into a professional structure. The initiative aims to bring India’s very own home-grown sport to the forefront and make it the most sought-after sports league in India.

The inaugural season of Ultimate Kho Kho featured six teams—Chennai Quick Guns (KLO Sports), Gujarat Giants (Adani Sportsline), Mumbai Khiladis (Badshah, Punit Balan & Janhavi Dhariwal Balan), Odisha Juggernauts (Odisha Sports Development and Promotion Company), Rajasthan Warriors (Capri Global) and Telugu Yoddhas (GMR Sports) who fought for the title of first-ever Ultimate Kho Kho Champion.

And as the league’s tagline ‘India Maar Chalaang‘ depicts, the game is all set for the transition from mud to mat and pole to the podium through Ultimate Kho Kho. It has become a lifetime opportunity for the players to impress the fans with their top-notch game and become national stars.


Premier Handball League (PHL)

Started From: June 2023

Seasons: 1

Sport: Handball

Owner: Bluesport Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Viewership: 222 million

Teams Play: 6

History of this league

Premier Handball League (PHL) is India’s men’s professional handball league with an initiative between the Handball Association India (HAI) and Bluesport Entertainment Private Limited. Premier Handball League uses a franchise-based model that is sanctioned by the South Asian Handball Federation and affiliated with the Asian Handball Federation.
The Premier Handball League encompasses six franchises, each representing cities across India. The first season was held in June 2023 at Sawai Mansingh Indoor Stadium.

Odisha Juggernauts became the first league winners and Gujarat Giants became the second season winner.


Hockey India League (HIL)

Started From: 2013

Seasons: 5

Sport: Hockey

Viewership: 40 million

Teams Play: 6

History of this league

The Hockey India League (HIL) was a professional field hockey league in India that operated from 2013 to 2017 and followed a franchise-based model similar to other successful sports leagues in India.

With international players participating alongside domestic talent, the league quickly gained popularity, attracting large crowds and significant television viewership.

However, due to financial challenges, it was discontinued after the 2017 season. Despite its relatively short duration, HIL contributed to the development and promotion of field hockey in India.

The next season of the Hockey India League is set to be revived in 2024.


These are some of the Most Popularity gained Sports leagues of India which are trying to take the crown from the Indian Premier League which is the crowned at top from the get-go.

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Know the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024, Know the Most Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024

Know the Most Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024, Know the Most Popular Rising Sports Leagues of India 2024

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