Fall in Sports Cricket,Did You Know Difference in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket

Difference in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket

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In India, people are crazy about cricket and currently, the World Cup also going on so I decided to make this post. Most of the younger people started watching cricket which is our current modern cricket. They won’t even know what the older cricket was like, and neither do I. I started watching it from around 2010 -11 (yeah World Cup). Let’s see the Difference in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket.

I tried to find as many changes as possible regarding not only the rules but also regarding the overall cricket, from the stadium, players, and shots to the effect of it. Get ready to see how cricket shaped itself from its older version to modern cricket.

Equipment Changes

In the past, cricket bats were much heavier, with thicker edges, but the Modern bats are lighter, and have a thicker sweet spot. Protective gear in the olden days was minimal, with players wearing a cap and some padding. In modern cricket, players wear helmets, chest guards, leg guards, gloves, and other protective gear to minimize injury risks.

Pitch and Ground Changes

In the old days, pitches were natural and could vary significantly in terms of their condition, making the game highly unpredictable. Modern pitches are carefully maintained, offering a more consistent bounce and aiding both batsmen and bowlers.

Old cricket grounds often had okayssh facilities for players and spectators but Modern cricket grounds are equipped with world-class services for players and fans, including floodlights for day-night matches.

FallinSports images - Changes in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket
FallinSports images – Changes in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket

Over Formats Changes

Traditional Test cricket is played over five days, with no fixed limit on the number of overs per day but as days passed, Limited-overs formats, such as ODIs and T20s, have fixed over limits which made the game shorter and more spectator-friendly.

Batting Techniques

In the past, batting techniques were more orthodox, with a greater emphasis on defense and patience, but with limited-overs cricket, players have developed more aggressive and unorthodox shot-making techniques to score quickly, including reverse sweeps, switch hits, and scoop shots.


Fielding Restrictions and Fielding Positions

In Test cricket, there were no fielding restrictions, and captains could set any field they desired but in Limited-overs cricket they introduced fielding restrictions, like powerplays, which limit the number of fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle during certain periods.

Bowling Rules

Old cricket saw underarm bowling in the earliest days, which evolved into overarm bowling and Modern rules require a bowler to have a straight-arm action. They use technology to monitor and regulate illegal bowling actions that might confer an unfair advantage to bowlers.

Spin bowling was considered a defensive art in traditional cricket, with spinners primarily tasked with containing runs but, in limited-overs cricket, spinners are often employed to take wickets and control the game. They use variations like the doosra and googly to beat the batsmen.

LBW Rules

In the past, LBW decisions were often subjective and relied heavily on the umpire’s judgment but in modern cricket, technology, such as ball-tracking, helps in making LBW decisions more accurate.



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Difference in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket

Changes in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket, Difference in the Old and Modern Rules of Cricket

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