Fall in Sports Did You Know,Unique Games 360ball game – A Unique Type of Tennis

360ball game – A Unique Type of Tennis

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Tennis can be played indoors or outdoor this game is a kind of tennis but with a new environment and new rules. So, let’s see what this unique game is all about that is a 360ball game – A Unique Type of Tennis.


Mark and John Collins created 360ball in 1990 and recreated it in 2010. It was created in South Africa but now it is played in many countries like Spain, France, Germany, etc.

360ball game – A Unique Type of Tennis
360ball game – A Unique Type of Tennis

How To Play

This is a new sport that uses the principle and properties of a circle to define the game. Players use a racket to hit the ball on a central concave disc because of which it bounces back in a different direction.

It can be played as a one-on-one or can be a doubles match. All players move around the central disc to strike the ball and the opponent gets ready to strike back on that disc to send it back to you.

In 360ball players constantly play and switch from offense to defense and can rotate freely around the central disc.

It seems easy but it is a game of endurance and quick reflexes because you never know how fast or where the ball will bounce.

The main objective of the game is to hit the ball so that the other player or team will be unable to return the ball.

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